V-Tech’s case studies illustrate expanding range of garage workshop solutions

Leading garage equipment specialist V-Tech group say they have enjoyed one of their busiest summers ever, helping an ever widening range of workshops develop their capabilities by investing in new equipment.

V-Tech originated in 2002 to cater to emerging demand for hand-held diagnostics but can now offer a complete range of workshop solutions through its in-house projects division.

Today the group aim to offer ‘hassle free’ support from concept, to design, installation and aftersales site support for a full range of equipment including lifts, MOT bays, ATL packages and even tyre equipment. V-Tech Commercial supports a booming commercial vehicle customer-base too.

Chris Phipps, Head of Sales at V-Tech said: “We’re usually working directly with equipment manufacturers to import and develop products which best meet the needs of our UK customers and then we work directly with our workshop customers too.

“It’s a chain with very few links which means we’ve got a lot of control to ensure projects run to plan and it means we can be price competitive.”

V-Tech believe today’s customers are more aware than ever of the pitfalls and costs associated with poor quality products so their garage equipment programme uses high quality VOSA approved and European manufactured products.

V-Tech’s progressive approach to new technology sees case-study videos uploaded to its YouTube channel, viewed at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLclWWkHzWbYpdaDuHtT9Hg.

“Customers now are coming to us with more and more varied requirements, and from all over the UK,” added Chris. “It’s often through a recommendation or word of mouth and we find customers appreciate dealing direct with a specialist like V-Tech so they get the right guidance on what’s best suited to their budget and requirements.”

To find out more about how V-Tech garage equipment can help your workshop thrive, please visit https://www.v-techuk.com/ or call 0208 498 1288.

The V-Tech BM20200 mobile roller brake tester: Save space without compromising on quality

Leading garage equipment specialist, V-Tech Commercial, says its innovative BM20200 mobile brake testing unit can help companies to cut the cost of fleet management by allowing business owners to perform their own tests in-house.

Designed for light and heavy vehicles with axle loads up to 20,000 kg, the BM20200 is fully DVSA approved and meets with the ISO standard, ensuring total vehicle compliance. The unit even issues a DVSA-style print out to indicate whether the vehicle has passed or failed.

Undertaking in-house brake testing also presents an extra revenue opportunity, giving the option to offer the service locally to neighbouring businesses.

Without compromising on the features offered, the BM20200 can be used either as a transportable unit or by businesses with multiple testing sites, conveniently requiring a mere 3.5 metres of set-up room.

When compared with standard, on-ground brake testers, the BM20200 allows greater flexibility to move and expand the vehicle maintenance area as the business grows, yet it still features exactly the same options and characteristics, such as:

  • Infrared remote control
  • Service line and cylinder air pressure measurement
  • Automatic axle weighing
  • Test of 4×4 / 6×4 / 8×6 driven vehicles
  • Diagnostic printout
  • Connection to PC/Notebook with BM Windows software
  • Axle load simulation

The robust unit is incredibly easy to assemble, set-up and work with, requiring just one technician to spend 10-15 minutes in order to make the BM20200 fully operational.

Its unique design permits the brake testing unit to be placed and used directly on a wide array of workshop floor surfaces – including uneven tarmac, concrete, gravel, sand, dirt and snow! – without any intense manual work. Drive on / off ramps are folded down, whilst the display is simply placed on a mobile device in front of the brake tester and power attached to the CEE connector.

The mobile brake tester can be customised to suit the needs of the end user, with the option to mount the display of the BM20200 on a fixed wall or floor mounting for more permanent installations if required.

Chris Phipps, Head of Sales at V-Tech Commercial, said: “The BM20200 mobile brake tester offers a unique proposition for businesses, enabling them not only to reduce their outgoings, but also giving them the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream by offering their brake testing services locally.”

For more information on V-Tech’s comprehensive range of commercial vehicle solutions please visit www.v-techcommercial.com.