When choosing the right brake tester for your workshop there are a number of factors to take into account. How much space do you have? Do you want to undertake civil works to install an in-ground brake tester or would a mobile brake tester be the best option? Is it better for you to have a flexible solution? Would it be beneficial to be able to take the brake tester to the vehicle but still be able to use it in situ as required? what is the best practice when installing a new brake tester? How long would that take?


BM20200 Mobile Brake Tester


BM20200 Mobile Brake Tester


Here we take a look at the BM20200 Mobile Roller Brake Tester and examine the benefits of opting for this first rate mobile solution.


V-Tech the NEW BM Specialist for the UK


One of the reasons for BM’s continued success and notability as a leader in commercial test equipment development is the scope of the BM range. Whatever your specific needs you can find a BM tester to suit them.
All our V-Tech engineers have been trained by BM in Denmark on the installation and maintenance of their equipment. furthermore We provide fast and hassle free installation covering the entire BM range with full project management as standard. In addition our dedicated after sales service ensures minimal downtime in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. We also stock a full range of BM spare parts and the latest software updates for Flexcheck to keep you right up to date with VOSA guidelines.


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