We are V-Tech

V-Tech Commercial is our newest division specialising in HGV Commercial Workshop Equipment.

V-Tech are a specialist Garage Equipment and Workshop Solutions provider who are consistently innovating to achieve higher quality and truly reputable Equipment Brands to the UK. Through our many years we have evolved, innovated & invested in ourselves to be able to provide high levels of service, with management and details to aftermarket workshop Industry.

V-Tech enjoys very strong and established alliances with some of the best suppliers from around the world and also have been able to develop and sustain strong relationships with some of the very best ‘Group Workshops’, many educational establishments, Haulage & Freight Companies and Government run establishments across the country.

An Established Management Team with Traditional Values

We are proud to still be a family run business and part of the automotive Industry since 1984 and still are able to run our businesses with what we call traditional and what some would call ‘Old-School’ Values.

We have grown to become an authority within the industry and also offer nationwide coverage with our own network of Service Engineers, & Projects Managers.

Our continuous growth and success has been achieved by building a reputation for quality, service, value and genuine dedication to our customers.

Why Choose V Tech Commercial Garage Equipment

Below are just some of the reasons why you should choose us

  • Customer Financing

    At V-Tech Commercial Garage Equipment we understand that a healthy cash flow is the life blood of any business. We offer a flexible, bespoke financial planning service that will keep your business ticking along without any of the stress. Contact our dedicated team to find out how we can help you.

  • Bespoke Design

    We have a very experienced and creative team who can design your garage for you using 2D and 3D design layout techniques. We will directly with your own team so that your ideas become a reality.

  • Project Management

    Time is money. No one understands this better than we do. To turn your dream into a profitable reality, projects need to be managed, and deadlines need to be met. We pride ourselves on delivering on expected time frames and our project managers are the best the industry has to offer. Let us do the work for you and get your business off the ground.

  • Nationwide service

    We offer a comprehensive service throughout the UK to all our customers. Our team are happy to meet with you and provide the best possible solution. From routine inspection to new project installations, we have the UK covered.

  • Civil Works

    We move the earth for you! Our trained engineers are on hand to prep your site to exact, individual design specifications. We undertake all the civil works to fit anything from brake tester rollers to full size Pre-Fabricated Steel Pits.

  • After sales support

    With our dedicated and highly experienced team of engineers we can provide you with a bespoke and comprehensive after sales service that suits your business. We understand that one does not fit all and we will work with so that you and your business continue to succeed and grow.