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Vehicle Lifts

We supply and fit all types of commercial Vehicle Lifts from 7.5 tonne lifts all the way to 43 tonne lifts.

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Combining advanced and user-friendly design, touch screen technology, leading senor technology, upgraded modern electronics and proprietary software – the Tyre shop Model enables operators to provide leading tyre inflation services cost-effectively. These models are suitable for all professional tyre applications.

Manufactured using a carefully selected range of materials that guarantees both the proper protection during the inflation process and optimal shock energy absorption. The V-TECH SAFETY BOX is designed to inflate heavy truck tyres in an easy and safe manner.

Our professional tyre safety box is also equipped with rollers that ensure a smooth rotation of the tyre and a pedal that helps the technician to move the inflated tyre out of the safety box quickly, safely and easily, improving workflow and productivity.

Chassis Load Simulators

A CLS can optionally be supplied by V-Tech to overcome the disadvantage of ALS not being able to activate the load sensing valve.

Prefabricated Pits

Prefabricated Pits Offer An Economical And Practical Solution To Your Business. We Will Carry Out All Aspects Of Installing A Prefabricated Pit, From Planning Out An Efficient Design To Making Sure The Installation Goes Smoothly. V-Tech Pits Are provided only to high standards as well as Quality &  all Pits Are Built To Your Specifications. READ MORE


To keep your commercial vehicle customers on the road and safe you can rely on V-Tech Commercial Garage Equipment to provide you the best quality ATF equipment you need. Contact us to see how we can get your station up and running which will be DVSA approved. We will provide you with all the equipment and accessories you need and will be on hand to help you get set-up and running.

Brake Testers

V-Tech Commercial Garage Equipment are specialist providers of commercial brake testers. We offer a full range of commercial brake testers to the whole commercial vehicle market. Contact us for more information.

Emissions Testing

We supply the best Emissions Testing equipment that your business needs. All our equipment is compliant with regulatory bodies and should you need any advice or help we will always be available. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you.

Headlight Alignment

Our headlight alignment equipment and services are designed to accurately and efficiently meet DVSA standards. Contact us to find out more.

Lubricant Solutions

V-Tech Commercial Garage Equipment can supply you with a variety of commercial vehicle lubricant solutions. We can help you with equipment for pumping, measuring and metering of fluids for commercial garages. Our product range consists of a wide choice of stationary, mobile and portable pumps with accessories for filling, dosing, control and waste oil handling. Contact us to find out about our full range.